The City

The city of Crotone, which has its prestigious roots in ancient history, is located on the eastern side of the region of Calabria and faces the Ionian Sea at the mouth of the river Esaro.

The municipality has an area of 179.83 km², and has approximately 60,500 inhabitants. Crotone has been a provincial capital since 1994. The coast offers a great variety of places, alternating headlands and bays with sandy beaches and cliffs from which to enjoy the Ionian Sea: a strategic position that still makes the city a crucial point in the Mediterranean.

Crotone and its hinterland offer a natural landscape that is still intact and extremely varied, coming into contact with the mountains that are quickly accessible from the city. Trepidò, Villaggio Palumbo and Camigliatello are the main mountain resorts, located near enchanting lakes waiting to be discovered. During winter, it is possible to take advantage of a couple of open slopes, giving sports enthusiasts the opportunity to ski just 50 km from the sea.

In Sila, you can visit the National Park and the so-called ‘Giganti (giants)’, centuries-old trees characteristic of the area. The southern side of Crotone, on the other hand, is entirely immersed in the Capo Rizzuto marine protected area, which together with the Capo Colonna promontory, encloses the city in a large basin, dividing it from the Gulf of Squillace.